Tails Wagging & Sloppy Kisses.
Sunny Days Playing at Fort Funston.
Snoozing After a Long Day of Puppy Love.

That’s only a slice of what my little Sadie gets to enjoy 5 days a week with Trina & Craig at Paws Petsitting!  I’d have to say that I found Trina about 6 years ago, a few short months after I rescued Sadie, my beautiful and energetic, loving and ever-so animated Weimaraner from Pets In Need in Redwood City.

I knew that I needed a pet sitter, but I was disappointed in all the “clinical” pet sitting services I had found through my vet and in doing some research.  They were all soo regimented in drop off times, what the dog can and can’t do, what I can and can’t do — good lord were these people for real!?…

Sadie and I were walking around the local dog part when I caught glimpse of Trina chatting up another pet owner.  I got an instant comforting and pet-loving vibe!  Yes, I was eaves dropping on the conversation, but it was in the best interest of Sadie!  Totally warranted!  I got Trina’s phone number and set-up our consultation.  I was trepidacious in that Sadie had a few bad habits: she didn’t love all dogs equally – some might say she was snobby…  Not a problem – Trina quickly reassured me that Sadie would be in good hands and she would even be able to ween Sadie away from some of those nasty habits…

Now, 6ish years later Sadie and I couldn’t be happier!  Sadie has definitely gotten friendlier with pups and is in such tremendous shape.  When I’m stopped on the street with Sadie, everyone is shocked that she’s 8 – “she looks like a puppy!”…  Sadie spends 5 days a week with Trina & Craig and still waits on the edge of the bed each & every morning for the sound of the key in the door for her morning pick-up!

Week days, overnight stays, vacations away I am always confident that Sadie is having just as much fun as me — and usually a ton more!!!  Why can’t I go to the beach everyday???

Nicole B. – San Mateo

My wife and I can’t say enough about Trina and Craig. They have been a second family to our two Labradors (Kona and Ele) since they were 4 months old. Sometimes I get the impression that the girls are more excited to see them than they are when we get home. They spend 5 days a week with Paws Petsitting, spending two of them at Fort Funston. When we have to go out of town, Trina and Craig are always there to help us out and accomodate our crazy schedules. The best part of it is, we don’t have to worry about the pups because we know they are in good hands digging holds and laying pool side with Trina and Craig.

At the end of the day it is about their happiness and well being. When we come home after a long day at the job they are happier than ever. If your dogs are an important part of your family, I highly recommend that you invite Trina and Craig to become part of your family as well.

Kurt U. – San Mateo

I have been using Paws Petsitting for almost 2 years now. Trina and Craig provide a great service for my four legged friends. Their personal touch with each and every dog is absolutely amazing. One of my dogs is a rescue that had a tuff puppy hood and I gotta believe that spending time with Trina and Craig has sure helped him come out of his shell. He is a whole different dog than a year ago. You can’t go wrong with Paws Petsitting.

Joe H. – San Mateo