More than a Dog Walk – Beach Excursions!

There are dog walks. And then there are beach excursions! Guess which one your pup prefers?! Our doggy beach excursions are ideal for dogs that relish an abundance of exercise, socialization and stimulation during the day. We take all of our four legged clients to a wide open beach at Fort Funston (located in San Francisco–just a few minutes south of Daly City and a short drive from the Peninsula). Fort Funston offers a fantastic and unique opportunity for our dogs to enjoy the thrills and benefits of being off leash while in an open and natural setting.
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Doggy Daycare

Is your dog bouncing off the walls or full of anxious energy from being left all day? No one likes to be left behind at home! Want to have a happier dog? Doggy Daycare is a service that provides dogs with an entire day of fun-filled activities while you are out for the day. Your dog is provided the opportunity to play and interact with compatible dogs and gets plenty of exercise and attention from us!

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Overnight Pet Sitting

“There’s no place like home,” is a saying that was true before Paws Pet Sitting was established! We offer a warm home for your loved ones where they will be treated with respect and will receive the same kind of love and affection they are used to receiving at home. Saying goodbye is never an easy thing, but with our overnight boarding service you can be sure that your baby is left in very good hands.

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