Our early vision was a large expansive piece of land, fenced and secure with doggie paw prints all over it

We are Bay Area natives living in San Mateo with our four children and adopted 'fifth child' – our dog Brutus.

As a certified animal technician and natural dog lover, I started out as a one-to-one dog walker but due to high demand, expanded my service into the pet day care family business which now exists.

My husband Craig and I set and maintain high expectations for our dog walking company. We strive to meet the growing needs of clients wanting regular, off the leash exercise for their pets in a spacious but fenced environment. We designed and run our dog day care near San Francisco with the well-being of your dog in mind. We are professional, accommodating and want to hear from you if you think we can help make a difference in your dog's life!

As hands-on business owners dedicated to making every client happy, we believe that a day without a PAWS doggie playtime excursion is a day wasted!

Our business is fully insured through Pet Sitters Association, LLC and is certified by Pet Tech through obtainment of their 'First Aid & Care for your Pets' training.

We aren't just dog walkers.  We want to be your dogs best friend.

We want to hear from you - we want to find out more about your dog!